This week, "Papo & Yo" was released on the PlayStation Network. We're proud to see some great reviews beginning to roll in for Brian D'Oliveira's music compositions..

"The music is absolutely fantastic. When you’re exploring some of the game’s more colourful environments, with the music peacefully playing in the background, it’s an experience like no other." –PSN Stores

"…We’re treated to dilapidated yet beautifully sunlit favela-scapes that groove with soothing, trance-like tunes." – Time Magazine

"The music is especially great… The ebb and flow of South American rhythms are always there to tow the emotional line. Later on, the Unreal Engine kicks out some beautiful sunsets during a particularly touching part of the story, and the music is able to match the excellent visuals throughout." –Joystiq

"The soundtrack of acoustic Latin American music provides a perfect compliment to the lovely art direction." –The Kotaku Review–yo-the-kotaku-review

"Phenomenal acoustic music really brings the imaginative world to life." –IGN

"The music and sound are also used to great effect, adding to the mood and the sense of place." – Digital Trends

"One undeniable point in the game’s favor is its soundtrack. At first, the score is so subdued as to be almost silent. As the adventure winds on though, simple guitar melodies and Latin drums punctuate each sequence." – Blistered Thumbs

"With percussion and guitar and the occasional sound of children chanting in unison, [the music] embraces and enhances the world of Papo & Yo, easing you into it and allowing you to explore at will and take your time solving the puzzles." – Chocolate Gamer

"The South American wind instruments, chorus, and drums all fit the urban atmosphere that Papo & Yo provides. All of the important parts of the game are backed up by appropriate tracks to match the mood." –

"The soundtrack is a healthy blend of Spanish guitar, tribal percussion, and wordless harmonies. It complements the setting perfectly and is used as a storytelling device multiple times to great effect." –ScrewAttack

"From the beginning of the game, all the way to the final credits, the score is just amazing. While it can be subtle at times, it can also be striking at the right moment. At no point will you be limited to simple background noises, which can really get you into the moment. For instance, you might hear Monster snacking, but it will be overshadowed by a fine melody of sounds that make it seem quite natural. There are the incredibly moving portions of the game where you can’t help but sit and listen to the game’s soundtrack. Other times, you won’t be able to pause for even a brief second. This doesn’t mean you won’t notice the music fittingly playing in the background while you play Papo & Yo." – Just Push Start