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Downloadable Only Game / Gamer Theory Media

“This Is Kind of Upsetting” Non-Award Award / Bitmob

Editor Choice Award / PSN Store 2012

Game of the Year / The Same Coin 2012

Best Puzzle Game of E3 / IGN 2011

Best Adventure Game, Best Downloadable Game / GameSpot  2011

Best Puzzle Game of E3 / GamePro 2011

Best Indie Games of E3/ Indie Games Magazine 2011

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Best Emotional Game Design / Emotional Game Awards 2016

Best Downloadable Game, Best Game Design, Best Game Innovation, Best Indie Game, Best New Character, Best Visual Arts, Game of the Year, Future Shop Fan’s Choice Award / Canadian Video Game Awards 2013

Game of the Year / Kotatu 2012

Best of E3 / VGChartz 2011

Game of the Show / GameSpot

Best Platformer, Best Downloadable Game of E3/ G4TV

Best Puzzler Game / GamingExcellence

Best PS3 Game / IGN

Best Downloadable Game / 1Up, GameSpy and Game Critics Awards

Best Indie Game / Indie Games Mag

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Best Soundtrack Album / GANG Awards 2013


Best Audio, Best Original Music / Canadian Video Game Awards 2012

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Artistic Achievement, Best Family Game, Best Mobile & Handheld Game / BAFTA Games Award 2014

Design & Direction / SXSW Gaming Award

Best Visual Design / Edge 2013

Best Handheld / E3 2013’s Game Critic’s Award

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Outstanding Contribution (Newcomer) / Annual Game Music Awards 2014

Best Game, Game Design, Best British Game, Game Innovation, Original Score / BAFTA Games Awards 2014

Innovation Award, Best Handheld & Mobile Game, Best Technology, Best Visual Arts / GDC Award 2014

Best Handheld Game / VGX 2013

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Best Handheld Audio / GANG Awards 2014


Best Original Music by Kenneth Young & Brian D’Oliveira / BAFTA Games Awards 2014

Best Soundtrack (Western), Outstanding Achievement (In-Game Music) / Annual Game Music Awards 2014

Best Audio / Game Developers Choice Award 2014

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“Arkham Knight is the biggest Batman game yet, not just in map size, but in the wide range of different types of gameplay, and its collection of characters. (…) Arkham Knight is an outstanding game on almost every level.”


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Music / BAFTA Games Award 2016

Best Sound Editing – Computer Interactive Entertainment / Golden Reel Award 2016

Best Video Game / Empire Award 2016

British Game, Artistic Achievement, Use of Audio, Performer / BAFTA Games Award 2016

Favourite Video / People’s Choice Awards 2016

Best Action Adventure, Best Art Direction, Best Performance/ The Game Award 2015

Most Anticipated Game / The Game Award 2014

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Hollywood International Independent Documentary Film Festival Award 2016

IMPACT Docs – Award of Merit, Golden Award / World Documentary Awards

Los Angeles CineFest Award


 Finalist at the International Elephant Film Festival (UN, CITES, Jacksonhole Film Festival)

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“Her Story is a beautiful amalgam of the cinema and video game formats…
a remarkable achievement in creating something which is personal, cinematic and playful.”


“Profound, gripping live-action drama… sure to be discussed for years to come”


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Best Narrative, Best Performance / The Game Award 2015

Game of the Year / Polygon

Game of the Month / Rock, Paper, Shotgun and GameSpot

Breakthrough Award / 33rd Golden Joystick Awards

Most Original Game / PC Gamer

Best iOS Game / The Guardian 2015


Best Emotional Game, Best Emotional Mobile & Handheld / Emotional Games Awards 2016

Story, British Game, Game Design, Mobile & Handheld, Innovation, Original Property, Debut Game  / BAFTA Game Award 2016

Best Independent Game, Games for Change / The Game Award 2015 

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 British Game/ BAFTA Games Award 2016

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Best Emotional Mobile & Handheld / Emotional Games Awards 2016


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Best Social – Casual Game Award / Canadian Videogame Awards 2015

Grand Prix / the Numix Awards 2016

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Canada’s Top 10 Films / TIFF 2013



Best Live Action Short Drama / The Canadian Screen Awards 2014

Best Fiction Short Film / JUTRA 2014

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Finalist for Best Indie Game / Canadian Videogame Awards 2014

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Silver Remi Best Director / Soul4Reel Film Festival 2011

Best Manitoba Short Film/ Gimli Film Festival 2011

WorldFest International Film Festival Huston 2010


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