Music Composition

For us, the creation of music always has to do with reflecting the emotional subtlety, variety and the relationship of people, places, things and nature itself – elements that are essential to enhancing storytelling.

Regardless of the genre, we always strive to explore possibilities and push traditional boundaries.

VR Audio

We create rare, beautiful and authentic 360˚ audio experiences realized with a combination of custom sounds, music composition, mixing and restoration, editing and voice-over. From conception to implementation we strive to tell stories through developing interactive and immersive sound with a unified vision.

Sound Design

Passionate obsession and playful experimentation are our main tools of creation. Just as musicians practice and perfect their technique, we work hard to find new ways to create unique sounds.

We embrace the latest computer technology, but also use custom-built instruments, elements of nature and experimental recording techniques to give us the ability to craft never-before-heard sounds.

Audio Post

Our multi-studio facilities are equipped to handle the most stringent of standards. Having successfully delivered hundreds of mixes for broadcast worldwide: documentary films, TV series and feature films, web content and ads – there are no projects too large or too small for us to handle.

Welcome to a 360º virtual tour of our studio A

Some of our unique sounds

Studio Facilities

Strategically based in both Montreal and Toronto, our creative mandate is to push the limits of sound. Designed with a modular approach, our studio facilities are an incredibly flexible and creative environment to fulfill any sound design request.


5.1 surround audio-post/recording studio

State of the art recording and mixing studio

Vocal booth

Small scale audio design studios

Multi-purpose foley studio – live recording room

Instrument-building Workshop

250+ unique instruments from all around the world.


5.1 surround audio-post/recording studio

Vocal booth

In-house Access

Music Library Server with over 50K songs

250+ unique instruments from all around the world

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