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La Hacienda’s first video game development came when Brian D’Oliveria paired up with Minority Media to create a soundtrack for Papo & Yo.  His dedication to the highest quality standards led him to travel to South America to capture authentic sounds to be used in the project.

To assure he created the perfect atmosphere to enhance the complex, empathetic experience of the game, he also crafted his own instruments to create unique sounds.  All told this adventurous process led to creating an award wining sound track for Papo & Yo.

La Hacienda knows that music and sound is only 50% of what makes a great interactive audio experience.  Creating with the forethought of mixing these assets, as well as technical integration, is the key to unique, high-quality results.

Our talented team is actively working in-studio with all major platforms such as: Unity, Unreal, Fmod and Wwise – we use their interactive capabilities as part of our creative toolset and concept, allowing us to push creative boundaries wherever possible.

Hacienda has had the pleasure to work on a number of game titles since Papo, including Tearaway, Batman Arkham Knight, Time Machine VR, Little Big Planet 3 and more…

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Music Composing

Rare, beautiful and authentic music is our speciality

360˚ VR Audio

Interactive sound with a unified vision

Sound Design

We are storytellers, realizing imaginary sounds

Mixing & Mastering

From mixing to restoration and editing

Voice Over

Fully equipped facilities and access to a large pool of talent

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Recent projects

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