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La Hacienda Creative is a fully equipped audio production studio that has been working in VR for over three years. Our studio is not only able to handle both creative and technical consultation but has industry experience with all stages of audio implementation in both linear and interactive VR media. Our team of composers and sound engineers have done extensive testing and have found the optimal spatial audio solutions in both binaural as well as ambisonic recording methods.


VR audio specialists

La Hacienda is a forerunner in immersive 3d sound for Virtual Reality, Video Games and 360˚ Installations.

Thanks to our expertise from working on a wide-range of projects we are able to customize a listener’s experience to be wholly immersive and plunge audiences into a deeper multi-sensorial experience.



Audio creates depth in 3D and 360º, supporting the narrative of the experience through immersive sound.

Focusing on storytelling through sound, we set the ambience and mood in full immersion experiences.

We create impeccably rendered spatialized audio triggers referential and spatial senses to guide a person through the virtual world.

Binaural sound plays a huge role in virtual worlds.  Not just for realism, but as a matter of practicality for communication.  We use  binaural sound recording to help the listener focus in on a “direction”.

R & D

Adjust the playback to 4k for the best quality experience

The Music Legacy Project is an innovative project that combines Ethnomusicological data collection and the use of an omni binaural microphone and  360° audiovisual recording device, destined for an Oculus Rift type of Virtual Reality head-mounted interface.

The Music Legacy Project is the product of our extensive research and development into VR video and audio design.  Through this vigorous field testing we have come up with solutions to some of the downfalls of current audio spatializing software.


“Minority Media presents an immersive exploration of the Jurassic.  A VR-native game about time travel, prehistoric creatures, and human extinction!”

LaHa’s VR: recording, mixing, encoding and sound design.

Produced by Minority VR, Fall into me is an eight-episode experience that allows you to be inside a woman’s head. Available on your Gear VR Store!

LaHa’s VR: recording, mixing, encoding and sound design.



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