Brigitte Dajczer

Compositeur & Musicien

Brigitte Dajczer aka Briga is a highly versatile composer and multi-instrumentalist who is specialized in strings, orchestration, and orchestral management.

She composes in a multitude of musical styles for a vast array of platforms: from VR to Games, to TV, Docs & Film, to Advertisement, and good old streaming music. Brigitte is proud to be part of La Hacienda’s team of composers that contributed to CAPCOM’s marquee video game: Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. She has received multiple nominations and awards from Canada’s music industry such as the Junos, the Canadian Folk Music Awards, and Québec’s ADISQ awards. She has also gained international recognition, be it from the Stepping Stone Film Festival in India, to the Love Unlimited Film Festival in the USA, and the Fantasia Film Festival in Canada. Brigitte is living her passion, composing in her home base at La Hacienda Creative, and collaborating with internationally renown artists across the world.

Brigitte Dajczer

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