Michael Vickerage


Michael Vickerage started his professional musical life in the early eighties in the UK, playing in bands and having a singles deal with a duo, signed to EMI.

His classical background then took him into other areas, and by the mid-nineties he was involved extensively in production music, which quickly lead into TV. Here he wrote a lot of music for the BBC, ITV, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, History Channel, etc. His production music was being used worldwide, by this time.

In 2008 he came to Montreal and got involved in films and then La Hacienda Creative, where he contributed to many TV shows and games, most notably Warner Games’ Batgirl & Harley Quinn.

He continues to write for all media, and tends to specialize in orchestral/ hybrid music, that ranges from dark and dramatic, to quirky, highly original comedy and all the shades in between.

Michael Vickerage

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