Our Instruments

With over 800 instruments at our disposal, we are able to craft unique sound in a variety of ways.

Some instruments we have purchased, but many we have crafted with our bare hands. Often pulling apart and manufacturing instruments in the search for the perfect sound. No stock or virtual instruments. Just authentic sounds from all corners of the earth.

We’ve decided to let you try out some of these instruments. Click on a tile to begin a loop from the instrument pictured. Jam out.

Not your average sound studio.

At La Hacienda, we don’t do things the ordinary way. We’ve developed a highly involved hands-on process that uses over 800 one-of-a-kind instruments to produce award-winning work. We’ve even been known to craft new instruments from scratch to bring an extra dimension to our projects. Our process is unconventional, our sound is unique, and the results speak for themselves.