Our Process

At La Hacienda, we don’t do things the regular way. Our process is unconventional, our sound is unique, and the results speak for themselves.



Every journey begins by meeting with the client and assessing their needs, goals, aspirations, and challenges. In this time we figure out how to best respond to the brief, and develop a scope and timeline for the project. With this set, we’re geared up and ready to go. Our team reaches far and wide to create as many ideas for the project as possible. Often jumping right into the research stage to see if the idea will hold up as the process continues. These ideas are discussed and tested internally, and then the top contenders move forward into the next stage.


Research and Development

This is when the real fun begins. We begin finding and crafting instruments and solutions for the project’s most important challenges. We start with production quality sound right from the beginning. No virtual instruments, sample tracks, or stock audio. Everything we record is live and unique. And we go to unbelievable lengths to capture the correct audio that the project calls for. We’ve made instruments from paper, travelled to distant continents to gather objects, and even worked with master musicians from other countries in order to produce the most authentic sound.



After extensive amounts of R&D, we begin finalizing the sound for the project. This includes mixing, mastering and post production audio work that we do entirely in-house. This allows us to iterate much quicker than other studios who have to outsource after the development stage. With our video game projects, we’ve even synced up our servers to deliver our audio directly into the game engine. Allowing for faster turnaround times and more realistic prototyping.



Once production is finished, we work with our clients to ensure our sound is implemented in the best possible way. Rarely do we ever simply hand off the final files. We want to ensure that the final product is perfectly suited for the project and offer our help until the final deliverables are met. No boxes are left unchecked.

That’s the process, now here are the results.

With our constantly adaptive process, we’ve been able to produce creative, immersive, and award winning sound for hundreds of clients. Take a look at the projects we’re most proud of.