Our Story

10 sound artisans, 800+ instruments, and one incredibly creative and collaborative process. This is our story.

Our Vision From Day One

Founded in 2007, our team of 10 sound artisans has crafted sound for video games, television shows, advertising, museum installations, virtual reality, events, and products. From day 1, our focus has always been on shaping the world through incredibly unique sound. Whether it’s by using cutting edge technologies, or century old traditions, we draw upon a wide range of techniques to produce a memorable outcome for every project.

We’ve acquired over 800 instruments over the years, that fuel our creative process and drive our projects. The shear breadth of our collection ensures that no two projects are ever alike. Our state of the art studio was custom designed to accommodate our modular workflow and facilitate collaboration with clients. This ensure that every client project happens quickly, creatively and collaboratively.

Our Vision From Day One

Our Capabilities

  • Music Composition
  • Sound Design
  • Virtual Reality Audio
  • Audio Post Production
  • Voiceover Recording

My vision for La Hacienda from the very beginning was that it wouldn’t be a normal studio. This is more of a place and a team for creation rather than just a normal music or audio post production studio. It is a self contained organism in that we can do everything from A-Z in terms of audio.

Brian D’Oliveira, CEO & Creative Director

That’s our story. Now we’d love to hear yours.

Getting to know new people is one of our favourite parts of every project. With new people comes new stories, new friendships, and new creative challenges. We’d love to get to know your team, and start working together on a new project.