Max Hervé


Composer and multi-instrumentalist, Maxime Hervé, joined the La Hacienda Creative team in 2014.

He started out as an assistant of Brian d’Oliveira, then became freelance composer. He was enriched by his experience within the studio to shape his musical imprint and his technical knowledge.

With origins as a drummer, Maxime is self-taught with a passion for orchestral music, electro and ethnic sounds. In parallel with his collaboration with La Hacienda Creative, he has composed music for numerous documentaries and short films, and has been awarded and nominated at numerous festivals for his work. He was also assistant to composer Mychael Danna in Los Angeles on the film Transcendence (Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman). Maxime Hervé stands out for his ability to merge musical genres, create rich and unique sounds, and skillfully combine music and images.

Max Hervé

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